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Nail and Skin Surgery

Day Surgery (Nail and Skin Operations)

Peter, Oliver, Nicola and Hannah are Podiatrists with certification in analgesia and prescription only medications (POMs).

Painful Ingrown Toenails?

Our Podiatrists have post-grad training and vast experience in Minor Surgery and Local Anaesthesia.

If you have an uncomfortable, infected ingrown nail/s, we can provide surgical resolution after a completely ‘numbing’ anaesthetic injection.

We offer the widest option for nail resolution procedures, including partial or total nail removal options. Then, at your preference, we can allow the toenail to regrow in future, or we can stop the toenail from ever growing again.

Permanent Removal of Verrucae and Warts

You may be amongst the vast multitudes of people who have spent a small fortune on over the counter Verrucae treatments over the years. Many remedies either don’t work, or work so slowly, that the cost of acids/gels/freezing guns etc become expensive.

Here at InMotion, we have a unique and successful approach to curing Verrucae. We can provide painless surgical resolution after a couple of  ‘numbing’ anaesthetic injections into the affected foot.

Rather than cutting and scooping stubborn virally infected Verrucae/Warts out (an old-school technique called “curettage” which can sometimes cause scarring) we utilise a world-respected technique of “Verrucae needling”.

This means we make the tiniest cuts (needles) into the verrucae to make your body heal it up as it would do with a wound. You don’t feel this, as the foot is anaesthetised first.

When the cuts and small wound heals up, the Verrucae heal and disappear too.

Our technique is successful and widely respected. In fact it is now being taught in University Podiatry Schools in the UK and Australia as the preferred treatment of choice in eradicating Verrucae.

What next?

If you would like a surgical consult to discuss your needs and suitability with our procedures, please call us or book online for your Initial Podiatry appointment, where we can provide a pre-op assessment and discuss suitability of procedures in your case.

(Surgical video coming soon)

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