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Struggling to find comfortable footwear that fits?

Here at InMotion, our resident Orthotist and Surgical Appliance Associate (Tom Woods) can give you just what you need!

You won’t find these options on the High Street.

Semi-Bespoke Shoes

In your first appointment and assessment with Tom, he will take a dozen measurements to determine the true dimensions of each foot.

He can then order in a semi-bespoke pair of shoes to provide the best fit you’ve experienced yet. Typical price range is between £60-90 per pair depending on style.

Our shoe solutions are available for men and women in all sizes. We offer an array of modern and traditional styles, to suit everyone’s taste. Shoe designs include sandals, trainers, brogues, heels, boots and more.

Do you use orthotic insoles or have unique shoe adaptations needs? Where necessary, we can arrange for any further modifications too.

Fully Bespoke Shoes

Have you always wanted a truly bespoke, hand-made pair of shoes? Tailor-made for you?

In your initial assessment, Tom will take measurements and imprints for custom made shoes if you wish. Due to the many hours invested in producing your unique last, and a beautiful pair of fully bespoke shoes, the price range for this option is around £600-950 per pair.

Appointment Costs

Specialist shoe session with Tom Woods, Graduate Orthotist and Surgical Appliance specialist.

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Our comprehensive list of available treatments

knee and leg brace

Body Braces, Supports, Orthoses

Our Clinical team also proudly welcomes Tom Woods - graduate Prosthetist and Orthotist - who can provide functional help on any part of the body.

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Acupuncture offers pain relief and relaxation, allowing the patient to exercise and restore normal function.

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Massage Therapy

We can provide the latest treatments for specific areas of pain. In your consultation and treatment we will discuss your massage needs and recommend the best approach for you.

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Whilst our team of Podiatrists can provide specific Lower Limb and Foot treatments, our Physiotherapists add much more.