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Clinical Psychology & Counselling

We are delighted to have a leading Clinical Psychology Service at InMotion – the essential core of our multidisciplinary clinic.

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What can psychological support help with?

Psychological support and talking therapy can help you with a wide range of presenting difficulties, including:

  • Low mood or depression
  • Stress (including work- or school-related)
  • Anxiety (including phobias, panic and obsessive compulsive-disorder)
  • Difficulties associated with loss (such as bereavement, separation, divorce, or job loss)
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Appearance issues (including body dysmorphia, pre-surgical assessments)
  • Self-esteem/confidence/social skills
  • Health-related concerns, such as living with and managing acute or chronic illness (including pain)
  • Trauma
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How can I benefit from psychological support?

Many people benefit from seeing Doctors of Clinical Psychology to help them with difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives.

Sometimes the difficulties may have been long-standing, and in other cases they may be relatively recent and in response to specific stressors or events. Clinical Psychologists have the highest level of training in the field of talking therapies. They can develop and deliver individualised plans of therapy to help people overcome their difficulties (either completely or partially), make positive changes, reduce distress and improve psychological well-being.

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What can I expect from a Psychology appointment?

An initial appointment with Dr Samantha Woodley or Dr Maria Knapp would last approximately 90 minutes. The purpose of this appointment would be to start to consider the underlying causes of the concerns and begin to formulate your goals for therapy, along with a recommended treatment plan, where appropriate.

Where additional follow-up appointments are arranged these will last around 50 minutes.

The number of sessions needed will vary between individuals, as will the frequency. This will depend on the therapeutic approach recommended and the presenting difficulties. Therapy can be weekly or fortnightly, but it will always be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Regular reviews will be planned. Often therapy tasks or “homework” will be suggested to complete in between appointments to assist in more effective progress towards your goals.

Appointment Costs

We offer appointments with our resident Doctors of Clinical Psychology (who have extensive previous NHS experience).

Dr Samantha has been a Chartered Clinical Psychologist since 2013. She is appointed by Bupa and Axa and other leading insurers. She also welcomes self-referring / self-funding clients. Samantha completed her Doctorate at Lancaster University where the ethos is on treating people as individuals and creating a bespoke understanding of each person's difficulties to help lead to changes. She is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Samantha’s special interests include working with people who are distressed as a result of previous trauma, people who are having difficulties in relationships or managing their emotions, or are continuing to find themselves repeating the same unhelpful patterns in their lives.

Her areas of expertise include people who have a diagnosis of personality disorder, bipolar, and PTSD.

Dr Maria is highly experienced in working with children, young people, adults and families. She works in an integrated way, to tailor-make individualised therapeutic approaches to meet the expressed needs and goals of their clients.

Maria and Samantha will typically offer a brief consultation over the phone (or email if you prefer) to discuss whether they may be able to help, before confirming the online booking that you’ve made (initial appointment).

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Clinical Psychology - Follow on

If you wish to have follow-on sessions with  Samantha or Maria, these are typically 50-55minutes at £100.

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Clinical Psychology - Initial

A 90-minute initial, introductory session with Dr Samantha Woodley or Dr Maria Knapp is £130.00.


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We also have  three Counsellors (with prior experience in GP practice settings) who can provide Talking Therapies to help you with feelings of anxiety, depression or grief. Our Counsellors work closely with our Two Doctors of Clinical Psychology and can refer   on to them if indicated.



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Our comprehensive list of available treatments

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Massage Therapy

We can provide the latest treatments for specific areas of pain. In your consultation and treatment we will discuss your massage needs and recommend the best approach for you.

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Shockwave Therapy

We are proud to be Chester's first clinic to use an Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Machine for the benefit of our patients.

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Whilst our team of Podiatrists can provide specific Lower Limb and Foot treatments, our Physiotherapists add much more.

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Podiatry is the international name for “Foot Doctors”. It covers more specialist advice and treatment options than general Chiropody (routine foot and nail care).