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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Data—United Kingdom
Updated April 23, 2020

Upon becoming a patient of In Motion Clinics Ltd (“the clinic”), a person acknowledges that we lawfully use any personal data in accordance with its legitimate patient care interests.

Patients willingly provide personal data to the clinic before their first visit, when they submit a “new patient registration form” securely online. If someone is unwilling to complete a registration form (including but not limited to their address, list of current prescription medication and their confirmation of ‘consenting to treatment’) then they can not be registered and treated as one of our patients.

Patients may provide additional personal data to the clinic as their treatment plan develops further and/or they consent to onward referral to another private or NHS clinic to bring in diagnostic or other specialist opinion.

Personal data may include: name, date of birth, gender identification, contact information, occupation, GP and prescription details, history of medical conditions and history of medical diagnostics/tests.

The data includes information that would reveal the patients contact points (address, telephone, email address) and a limited summary of details pertaining to their medical conditions and reason/s for attending the clinical practitioner. We never keep a full set or complete copy of medical records as kept at a patient’s GP practice or hospital notes.

Use of personal data may mean collecting, recording, organising, structuring, and storing that data, as well as similar operations performed on that data.

The Data Protection Law in this country is:

General Data Protection Regulation/Data Protection Act 2018. 

Under this Data Protection Law, patients consent to the use of their personal data by the clinic’s practitioners and reception staff for healthcare management purposes.

We support fully, that data protection laws restrict the way that companies contact their service users for announcements of new services and promotions. We will not send promotional or marketing correspondence to our patients. Any announcements of new clinic services or occasional promotions will be posted on our social media platforms and at times via leaflets in Clinic. We also emphasise that we never sell patient’s email addresses or other details to other companies.

Whilst we will not contact patients directly about promotional events, marketing campaigns and announcements of new staff or services, we do contact patients under GDPR “legitimate interests” when they may have missed an appointment, or need contact in connection with their treatment plan, or for appointment reminders (and annually by email to remind them of their annual check-up). You may revise these contact methods at any time.

Personal data may be sent, when necessary and appropriate, to any associated organization (GP practice, NHS or private hospital/clinic/specialist, Medical Billing and Fee Collection accounts managers). This is only ever initiated with the consent of the patient.

Patients have the right to access, to request deletion and/or restriction of processing of, and to correct any inaccuracies regarding their personal data held by us. (Deletion pertaining to a patient’s financial transactions, invoices or clinical notes however, may only be legally erased after seven years. In the case of paediatric patients, clinical notes must be legally kept for seven years after adulthood).

Any inquiries about this policy and the way we use your information may be sent to our data protection officer via e-mail at:

DataProtectionOfficer.InMotion@protonmail.com  (encrypted)

Patients are aware that they have a right to contact the data protection supervisory authority if they feel we have not satisfied the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation.

We have adopted various procedural and technical safeguards, in accordance with the Data Protection Law, to protect personal data. For example, this website has secure https status and we use encrypted email communication via our patient  management platform when making a referral letter.

Patients understand their personal data will be accessed only by a limited number of authorised persons to fulfil our treatment objectives and the above purposes of clinic operation.

It may be that our data practices change from time to time because of changes to our clinical activities, the law, or the nature of technology. If ever it becomes necessary to change this Use of Personal Data page, we will post those changes here so that patients are always aware of what information we collect and how we use it. Please check back from time to time for changes to this page.

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