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Vitamin Injections and IV Drips

We are delighted to have a leading Vitamin Clinic at InMotion – an essential core of our multidisciplinary wellbeing clinic.

What can Vitamin Injections help with?

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common presentation that can easily be rectified. Deficiency symptoms are diverse and many, but can include fatigue, pins and needles, mouth ulcers, poor memory, mood swings, depression and blurred vision.

Vitamin D is also important to regulate our immune system, prevent diseases and improve mood & motivation. As a fat-soluble Vitamin, it is stored in the body until needed. It is known as the sunshine vitamin as it isn’t present in many foods. We’re unable to make sufficient amounts from October-April due to sunlight in the UK.

Michelle Smith - About Me

Michelle is The Vitamin Clinic’s lead practitioner.

Michelle has been based in Chester for years and has provided hundreds of injections to improve the quality of life of people in the NorthWest.

The Vitamin Clinic operates in conjunction with GMC Registered Doctors and Senior Nurse Prescribers. All products are UK Licensed Medicines and fully traceable. You can be assured that our injection therapies are genuine and safe. Your body deserves the best; if an online price elsewhere seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Michelle specialises in looking after nervous clients and appreciates that injections aren’t enjoyable! All consultations and administrations are at your pace with the whole process explained from start to finish.

IV (Intravenous) Drips and Supplements

In addition to B12, B Complex and D injections, The Vitamin Clinic offers a wide range of IV Drips:

– Wellness
– Detox
– Hydration
– Anti-Ageing
– Fat Burner

Please find more details at: www.VitaminB12clinic.co.uk

Michelle also offers:

– Biotin Injections

– Glutathione Injections

Please contact her directly for more information, a free phone chat or consultation:

M: 07903 743 202.
E: TheVitaminClinic@gmail.com

Appointment Costs

All injections and fees available at: https://www.vitaminb12clinic.co.uk/pricing

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Vitamin B12 (single)

Single B12  injection sessions with Michelle are £35. This includes the appointment, prescription and medicine.

A course of 4 Injections is £120

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Vitamin D Injection (single)

(Discounts for Courses of VitD are not available, as you should only have an  injection every 3 months).



Book an Appointment

You can book with Michelle by contacting her directly on 07903 743202.


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