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Shockwave Therapy

We are proud to be Chester’s first clinic to use an Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Machine for the benefit of our patients.

Read on to learn more about this clinically proven treatment.

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The only clinic in Chester to offer Shockwave Therapy

Many people have heard of Shockwave Therapy in another context – that of Lithotripsy (where a surgeon in a Hospital Operating Theatre uses powerful electromagnetic pulses to blast away kidney stones and/or gall stones).

In a similar way, our machine generates thousands of deep Shockwave Pulses every few minutes, to blast away calcific tendinitis (frozen shoulder), heel spur pain (plantar fasciitis), chronic Achilles’ tendon issues… and more.

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Successfully treated over 100 customers since 2017

Since introducing Shockwave Therapy to our Clinic at the end of 2016, we have successfully treated dozens and dozens of patients, each with joint or muscle pain that had not responded to conservative treatments, steroid injections, old-fashioned ultrasound machines or typical manual/physical therapies.

In addition to our own evidence base, the highest levels of scientific peer reviews (including U.K. Government “NICE”) have validated Shockwave Therapy Machines as a safe and efficient orthopaedic treatment. The researchers have established that Shockwave Therapy works to resolve the most stubborn presentations of heel pain, achilles tendon pain, shin splints, knee/patella tendon issues, great trochanteric (hip) pain, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder conditions.

shockwave therapy on shoulder
91% of patients report substantial pain relief after three Shockwave treatments

Our own in-house audits show 91% of patients report substantial pain relief after three Shockwave treatments. 90% report complete resolution of the presenting pain condition within 3-6 sessions.

We are happy to announce that we are also unique as a clinic in the northwest, in that we are going to formally submit our shockwave treatment outcomes to a University research study, for external audit/validation of our success.

shockwave therapy on ankle
Significantly cheaper than private clinics

Finally, we are delighted to announce that our Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatments are amongst the lowest price tariffs in the U.K. (With extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy still not being available on the NHS in most Clinical Commissioning Group areas).

The Shockwave machines have a very limited lifespan and are a higher end private clinic investment… most private hospitals therefore offer each Shockwave Therapy treatment at c.£200 per session to cover machine running costs.

However, At InMotionClinics, we can proudly offer our shockwave sessions at our typical Physiotherapy or Posiatry appointment price, plus a nominal surcharge of £42.00 to cover the cost of the machine itself in each treatment. This places our typical shockwave treatments at a very accessible £77.00 per session. (The same £77.00 price applies to your first appointment and assessment session too).

Appointment Costs

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Single appointment

£77.00 per appointment (which includes the treatment and machine operating costs).


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