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Podiatry is the international name for “Foot Doctors”. It covers more specialist advice and treatment options than general Chiropody (routine foot and nail care).

A Podiatry session therefore, involves the diagnosis and treatment of muscle pain, bone pain, inflamed areas and more. These problems could be originating anywhere from your feet and ankles, to your knees, legs, hips or back!

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What happens during a Podiatry appointment?

In your assessment, it is important that we take your medical history to establish what medical conditions and/or prescriptions may be affecting your lower limbs.

We’ll then watch you walk for a few minutes. Finally, we factor in a complete check-up on your nerve response, lower limb circulation (with a doppler ultrasound), skeletal alignment and your leg and foot muscle tone/power. This will help us understand the many medical and biomechanical factors, which in turn cause foot or leg pain and discomfort.

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Podiatry treatment options

As Podiatrists, we utilise a wide array of treatments to get you back on track. We may provide you with specialist ‘orthotic’ insoles, to balance any skeletal misalignment from your feet up! It’s amazing that we constantly check the tracking, balancing and tyre pressures of our cars… but never really have a similar check-up carried out on ourselves!

We also have the option of providing you with manual therapies (foot mobilisation, soft tissue release techniques), injection therapies, exercise/rehab plans and even a ‘prescription’ of the best shoes or trainers to help you out. All of our treatments may be used to directly reduce symptomatic pain, or to ‘tweak’ you further to achieve your walking, exercising or athletic goals.

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Working in partnership with other health practioners

Our Podiatry team works hand in hand with local physiotherapists, osteopaths, GP’s and Consultant Surgeons.

This basically means, that if we spot the need for further input or onward referral, we are well-placed to optimise your care, and provide you with the best multidisciplinary ‘team’ approach.

Podiatry Costs

Many of our patients are self-referred and book in with us directly.

We are also recognised by all major private health insurers. This would be useful if you wish to be reimbursed through any scheme that you (or your employer) subscribes to. Please ask us for further details and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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Initial Treatment

If you would like a Podiatry appointment with Peter, Hannah, James or Leanne an initial assessment is 30-minutes.

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Follow Up Treatment

Follow on appointments, treatments and reviews for 30 minutes (if needed) are £48

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Gold Service Treatment

45 minutes  For our  Biomechanical in-depth Podiatric assessment. Includes pressure/body sensors and walking/gait  data capture. We also include a free pair of  our £35 prefab insoles… all   for just £150.00


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Our comprehensive list of available treatments

shoulder massage


Whilst our team of Podiatrists can provide specific Lower Limb and Foot treatments, our Physiotherapists add much more help for your whole body aches and pains!

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If you find it difficult to look after your feet, our Chiropody services will be just what you need.

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Massage Therapy

We can provide the latest treatments for specific areas of pain. In your Initial consultation and treatment we will discuss your massage needs and recommend the best approach for you.

shockwave therapy on ankle

Shockwave Therapy

We are proud to be Chester's first clinic to use an Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Machine for the benefit of our patients.