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Massage Therapy

We can provide the latest massage techniques for specific areas of pain.

In your consultation and treatment we will discuss your massage needs and recommend the best approach for you.

Read on to learn more about the different types of massage we offer.

rachael and andrea
Rachael (Left) and Andrea (Right) are our Clinical Masseurs

They uniquely have BSc Graduate level qualifications in Massage Therapy from Glyndwr Univeristy, Wrexham.

Their long university training embraces all of the massage disciplines including: Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, “Hot Stone” Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, MET’s Manual Therapy, Swedish Massage, Reflexology Foot Massage… and more!

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woman getting massage on shoulder
Full Body (Swedish) massage

The most common type of massage is Swedish massage therapy.

It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on the topmost layers of muscles. This is the massage therapy of choice to promote your relaxation, stress relief and general well being

man getting deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage

This type of massage uses firmer pressure than the Remedial form.

Notably, it is also a slower approach… the slower strokes reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

hot stone massage on woman
Hot Stone massage

The time-tested therapy of Hot stone massage combines relaxing warmth with a hands-on massage to encourage the body to detox and heal. This also increases lymph flow and helps to flush out waste. Heat relaxes your body in a short space of time, so your therapist can focus on a deep working of the tissues using both hot stones and hand strokes.

Hot stones also increase your sense of relaxation and calm. They are coated in fragrant oil which is smoothed gently onto your body, and each stone in turn is worked by your therapist’s hands.

Hot stone massage can: boost your circulation, release stored tension, recharge your energy level and relax you.

Hot stone massage is said to have health benefits for people with: muscular pain, poor circulation, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, back pain, stress, insomnia and depression.

As with all of our massage therapies, never underestimate the feel-good factor. Hot stone massage will help you feel nurtured, pampered and special.

shoulder massage
Remedial massage

This is used for chronic musculoskeletal conditions, postural conditions, sporting and occupational injuries.

If your presentation comprises injured soft tissue, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, this is the beneficial ‘remedy (remedial)’ point of care.

leg massage
Pre and Post event massage

Rachael and Andrea have become well known in the NorthWest for providing preparatory massages for people involved with sporting events (runners, athletes, triathletes, gymnasts, dancers and more).

You just need to decide if you need a relaxing/releasing therapy prior to (or after) your Marathon, race, dance or other event is up to you. Many patients opt for both!

trigger point massage in shoulder
Trigger point therapy

Trigger point massage therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the specific source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.

muscle energy technique on back
Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a manual therapy that uses the gentle muscle contractions of the patient to relax and lengthen muscles and normalise joint motion.

MET is often applied to patients who present with neurological conditions, or those who suffer from muscle spasms.

reflexology foot massage
Reflexology Foot Massage

Everybody loves a good foot rub. But did you know that formal disciplines and approaches to foot massage date back to ancient Egypt and China?

By the late 1800s, Europeans invented reflexology: applying pressure to a person’s feet in order to affect a physical change to the body. Some have suggested that reflexology works on acupuncture points in the feet; others feel that a thorough foot massage is a great way to undo the pounding effects of a busy life or jogging/running.

aromatherapy oils
Aromatherapy (essential oils) Massage

All massage therapists use some kind of oil to massage in a smooth way into soft tissue and deep tissue

Our masseurs are qualified in the use of aromatherapy, which means they can use specific essential oils to further enhance the effects of their physical treatments.

Appointment Costs

Whether you've just run a Marathon, feel stressed, or suffer from many sets of tight muscle areas, our massage therapy services will provide the ultimate hands-on therapy.

Treatments are available in 1 Hour appointments (full body) or 30 minute appointments (targeted areas). In your appointment, Rachael or Andrea will advise you on which type of massage (or combination of any massage types) is best for you...

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30 minutes

A 30-minute massage with Andrea or Rachael is just £32.00.

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60 minutes

A full hour appointment is just £13 extra, at £45.00.


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shockwave therapy on ankle

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