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Your Prescription Orthotics Warranty

Custom (Bespoke) insoles with a true Carbon Fibre Shell Lifetime warranty!

(This information page is the same as the leaflet or email you would have been provided with when receiving your insoles).

Unlike orthotic insoles that you may purchase over the counter, via the internet… or even from many clinics and practitioners, InMotionClinics.com provide Lab made, bespoke prescriptions with various warranty features.

This includes a reassuring lifetime warranty on the most important part – the made-to-measure structural shell component. 

For easy reference, here is a brief summary of the types of warranty on our Lab-produced products:

First 14 days from receipt

Any alterations and adjustments that are needed are covered by InMotionClinics.com

For example, if you feel the orthotics are too thick / short / uncomfortable, etc, please notify us within 14 days, and we will arrange a free adjustment accordingly.

NB: In some cases, we may request that you come in for a paid ‘fitting’ appointment so we can assess things accurately (eg, you may be enjoying the orthotics in some shoes, but are having difficulty fitting/trimming the orthotics into several pairs of other shoes).

Any alterations or adjustments requested beyond the first 14 days of use (receipt) will incur an appointment cost and the relevant Lab fee tariff for changing your current prescription.

Any wear, tear or degradation of the foam and/or leather top covers are not covered by the lifetime warranty, which applies to the carbon fibre shell only. However, if there is unusual degradation or tearing of foams/leather in the first 30-days of use, let us know and we’ll feedback to the Lab for them to consider a refurbishment without charge.    

Going forward, the Lab will make a small charge for re-covering and refurbishing orthotics; made up of the registered postage each way and foam/leather material costs.

Note: warranties and repairs do not apply to pet damage (dog chews of insoles)! and other forms of accidental damage. This is a surprisingly common problem and the Lab can identify pet damage!

Lifetime carbon fibre cover from receipt

Unlike most other Labs and practitioners, we’re happy to pass on an orthotic carbon fibre shell unique lifetime warranty against breakage!

(The ‘Shell’ is the black carbon fibre shell that makes up the bottom and back two-thirds of your insoles; this is the important prescription part that is made specifically for your needs and feet based on your impressions or casts).

If you feel your orthotic shell has changed shaped or even ‘cracked’ during use, you can notify us, and we will request a free replacement pair from the Lab… at any future point!* (You will need to send your orthotics back to the Clinic, as the Lab will use this ‘evidence’ of damage to activate a replacement pair under warranty).

UK postage costs may apply. Whilst we can send replacement orthotics to any international location, this is at the patient’s risk and the patient is liable to pay any registered airmail costs (which we recommend includes insurance to cover the item being lost in international transit).

If your walking pattern and/or biomechanics change significantly at any future point (this will need an assessment again after 2 years of use), new impressions and new orthotic insoles may be required, which will also be provided with a new ‘lifetime’ single product warranty. Finally, the Lab keeps your scans and orthotic details on file for 18months. After this time, if you’d like more orthotics, a standard podiatry appointment and ‘new impressions’ would be needed.  

*NB: Whilst the Orthotic Lab is a large medical company, the lifetime warranty is only offered by them (not your prescribing Podiatrist or by InMotionClinics.com) as long as they continue to trade. Your Podiatrist is your point of contact to the Lab; not the provider of the lifetime warranty.