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Acupuncture offers pain relief and relaxation, allowing the patient to exercise and restore normal function.

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Why do so many physiotherapists include acupuncture in their practice?

Almost 30 years since the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (UK) recognised the use of it, the number practising acupuncture has grown to more than 6,000.

Acupuncture is now seen by many as an integral part of the physiotherapy package, says Merian Denning, chair of the CSP’s Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), the society’s largest professional network.

‘Acupuncture is complementary to physiotherapy because it provides us with a window of opportunity,’ says Mrs Denning, ‘It offers pain relief and relaxation, allowing the patient to exercise and restore normal function. It’s about modulating pain using needles whereas manual therapists input sensory information using their hands.’

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Is Acupuncture the best option in your treatment plan?

Acupuncture has been growing more mainstream over the years. It is included in physiotherapists scope of practice if they have received the post-graduate training.

In 2009 the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommended making acupuncture available for chronic back pain. An update to the NHS constitution in March 2010 gives all patients a statutory right to receive NICE-approved treatments if their doctor deems them appropriate. However, current cost-cutting may make them less widely available. This explains why Medical Acupuncture is so popular in private practice.

Although Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy, most AACP members received their training from a western scientific perspective (we therefore do not offer Acupuncture for smoking cessation and weight loss, etc). The AACP formal medical course is extensive, and InMotion’s Physiotherapy team (Frances and Serina) report great results with it in their clinical treatments.

A little bit about our clinic

At our fully refurbished clinic in Chester, we have complete access to the latest equipment which we use to provide all your Acupuncture treatments.

Our In Motion Clinic is easy to find on the main A41 in Chester (near Chester Zoo). We also have private, free car parking on-site directly in front of the clinic itself. (We are next door to ‘Spar’).

We look forward to helping you soon!

Acupuncture costs

Many of our patients are self-referred and book in with us directly.

We are also recognised by all major private health insurers. This would be useful if you wish to be reimbursed through any scheme that you (or your employer) subscribes to. Please ask us for further details and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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Initial appointments

If you would like to book in with either Frances or Serina, initial appointments (45 minutes, including treatment) are £50.00.

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Follow-on treatments

Follow-on treatments for 30 minutes are £38.00.


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